The America's Cup World Series drew a mixed response from a huge crowd after last weekend at Southsea, an exciting event, but with only 1 hour of proper racing, for some the value for money element may be hard to see after spending £100 on a seat. Whether an 'evacuation' order made on the Sunday from the Fanzone was the right wording to use will be judged by others. At least the home team won, and cutting edge boats and designs were showcased just off the shore, inspiring many...even the non sailors! These boats are as similar to what mere mortals sail as a Formula 1 car is to a road car, hence there are limitations as the designs are so extreme. Mind you, I'm sure Spandau Ballet or Wet Wet Wet didn't mind the chance to strut the stage in the apres sail entertainments. Enjoy the photos, a great event for the south coast and Portsmouth.